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For anyone who has struggled with tent stakes, poles, and wind on a beach day, this tent will make setup a breeze. The Pacific Nursery Tent is really lightweight and easy to carry around. There are also a variety of color options for this tent. The Coleman Shade Tent is UV protected (50+) and has tent stakes to hold the tent in place on windy beach days. The tent is large enough for a family of 3, but I would look at larger options if you wish to have more kids inside the tent.

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  • Its lightness doesn’t forgo durability, though—fiberglass frame poles keep the tent in shape for long usage.
  • This tent has a relatively small footprint at just about 5 feet square, and features a UPF 50 coating on the polyester exterior.
  • This tent holds four people but weighs just 4 pounds, making it a good option if you have quite the hike from the parking lot to the shore.
  • Amazon’s best-selling beach tent, customers love this one for its “good quality” and “great value for money”.
  • Your senses cannot detect UV radiation, so you won’t notice the damage until it has been done therefore please use car sunshades to protect your passenger and loved ones.
  • To clean the tub, simply rinse and drain it, and hang it up by its hook to dry.

Just make sure you’re setting up camp somewhere with access to the sand. When you’re not using it at the beach, you can use it for tailgating or as shade on your patio at home. It’s important to note, however, that if it’s windy, the canopy can blow away if not properly secured. Babylist editors love baby gear and independently curate their favorite products to share with you.

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The adorable animals and the black-and-white swirls move gently, which will help your child’s developing sight. These wipes have it all – they’re gentle on sensitive skin, yet sturdy enough to handle even the toughest of messes. They’re made with plant-based materials and are 99 percent water and 1 percent other ingredients, including aloe and vitamin E.

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Your job is to fill the sand bags with sand or rocks, secure the tent in place, insert pegs see the link through the loops, and stake them into the ground. When the structure is stabilized, you are all set for using the tent to the best of its abilities. Once you are done with your beach adventure, pack your tent in the carry bag that comes with it, and you are ready to hit the road.

Let us know what beach tent looks the most appealing to you by leaving a comment in the section down below. The ease of assembly is often the overlooked factor when it comes to tools like beach tents. This is unfortunate – the length of the setup can either make or break your entire trip. For this reason, we suggest you toss beach tents that take longer than 5 minutes to assemble.

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We still design, develop and test our canvas and dome tents here in New Zealand, which means we know what will stand up to our harsh weather conditions. Your camping tent awaits, find the one for you with our wide selection of camping tents in different sizes & styles. By far the best product I’ve come across yet to keep the sun out and I’ve tried so many products. Snap Shades’ range of car sunshades uses cutting-edge unidirectional cross mesh materials, reducing the sun’s rays by up to 84.6% UVA & UVB .

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The Glymnis Pop Up Beach Tent is the kitchen sink of beach tents, providing a substantial 3-4 person shelter with all mod cons. A standout feature are the two windows with mesh panels and rollable curtains, which enable you to let the breeze in while still keeping some shade. The front is permanently open, and you also have the option to lift up another entire side if you wish. There’s a pocket for phones and other essentials, SPF 50+ UV rating, and even a camping lamp hook for the evening. Essentially, if this beach shelter doesn’t have what you need, you’ll have to get a caravan. On the downside, there’s potential for complexity in getting it set up, and it might be overkill for your average beach trip.

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You are free to open up the windows for allowing the breeze to come through and shut them down when the sun becomes too much. With less than a minute setup, you can start enjoying the shelter in an instant. The lightweight construction allows you to carry the tent wherever you go without any hassle. Due to its waterproof materials, the shelter becomes suitable for general camping too. It’s tremendous, so it can fit a whole family or a group of 4 people.

Easily narrow your search and find the product that’s perfect for you. Even if your dog is a little rough with his claws, the woven fabrics on this tent are allegedlyresistant to tearing and ripping, according to the brand. The tent is easy to assemble and packable for transport, and it even comes with an easy-carry storage bag for travel. When you’re not using quality beach essentials, it’s easy for a fun day to get ruined. A beach tent is similar to a camping tent and many of them our list offer complete privacy for changing or taking a nap.